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I Bet You Can Imagine How Awful I Felt As My Wife Lay Screaming in Pain...

Here's my story with Dental Pro 7...

It was before 4am and my wife lay screaming in pain.

Peridontitis, or Gum Disease, is stealthy. Little signs here and there, but nothing to worry about...

...or so you think. Until it's too late.

My wife always took such good care of her teeth. Brushing morning, noon, and night. Flossing and gargling with non-alcohol mouthwashes.

But there was no holding back the gum disease.

It struck. And it struck hard.

As I snoozed comfortably, my wife suddenly let out a scream.

She jumped out of bed holding her face and rushed to the bathroom.

I sat up, dazed and confused. I picked myself out of bed and ran to the bathroom to be with her.

When I made it to the bathroom see was holding her mouth, whining, her face covered in tears.

6 months later. More than 15 trips to dental clinics around the country and no change.

Temporary relief was all that was available... Without big bucks and no guarantee of success.

The temporary relief was short. Before long it was back:

Pain. Stress. Sleepless nights. This is what our life had become.

As a last resort I bought a bottle of Dental Pro 7 for my wife. Perhaps the best decision I've ever made!

In less than a week she was sleeping better. It wasn't long before I'd forgotten she had even been suffering!

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