Best Natural Toothpaste for Gum Disease

You know it's important to brush your teeth. You know how vital oral care is, but no matter what you do you've been stuck with this gum disease for as long as you can remember.

Gum disease is a serious condition. Not only is it painful and embarrassing, it can lead to more serious issues such as heart disease, stroke, and alzheimer's.

In this article we will look at the best natural toothpaste for gum disease.

But before we go any further, I know exactly how you feel.


As a sufferer myself I've struggled to deal with some of the symptoms of gum disease for years. The bad breath and effects it has on those around you, not to mention your self-esteem. The constant dry, parched feeling. The wobbly teeth. The intense sensitivity. The smiling for photos with your mouth shut.


It's important for you to know that your gum disease can be reversed. As the College of Dentistry, University of Iowa, states: "Early gum disease can often be reversed by daily brushing and flossing." 

In this article we'll look specifically at natural toothpaste. 

When you avoid the chemicals and additives in commercial toothpastes you will increase the likelihood and speed of recovery from your gum disease. This is because commercial toothpastes and commercial mouthwashes contain chemicals and foaming agents which can work against your efforts to control gum disease.


The chemicals and foaming agents in commercial toothpastes and the alcohol in commercial mouthwashes dry out your mouth and remove all bacteria (good and bad).

While commercial products leave your mouth clean, no good bacteria and a dry environment leaves your mouth exposed. Your gum disease progresses, or at best stays the same.


The best natural toothpaste for gum disease is an all-natural product called Dental Pro 7.

Dental Pro 7 uses a combination of natural antibacterials to remove the bad, gum disease causing bacteria from your mouth. It leaves the natural moisture in your mouth so your saliva can do its job of protecting your teeth and gums.

The lipid formula of Dental Pro 7 also leaves an unnoticeable coating on your teeth and gums that acts as protection from food particles and bacteria between brushes.

All this gives your gums the break they need to begin repairing themselves without a constant dry bacterial attack.

Read about my personal experience in my Dental Pro 7 review.


At first, you may be a little skeptical that natural ingredients can improve your gum disease, however there have been a number of scientific studies proving their effectiveness.

Let's look at one of the Dental Pro 7 ingredients, Manuka Oil.

A Japanese study showed that within only 30 seconds of exposure Manuka Oil killed all bacteria related to gingivitis and gum disease.

Another study also concluded that Manuka Oil and Peppermint Oil (another Dental Pro 7 ingredient) were potent essential oils against periodontal bacteria.

These are only two of the multitude of studies which have been carried out. Many other studies have concluded that the essential oils, which are in Dental Pro 7, are potent defenses against bacteria which cause gingivitis and gum disease.

You might be thinking, "Yeah, but commercial toothpastes kill this bacteria too." And you would be right, however the negative side effects of the chemicals in commercial toothpastes are irritation and potential inflammation, as this study shows. These negative side effects work against you as you try to control your gum disease.

So what are the ingredients in Dental Pro 7?

Dental Pro 7 contains 11 potent bacteria-killing, gum-protecting essential oils. They are: peppermint oil, myrrh, white thyme, cornmint, clovebud, grapeseed, spearmint, manuka oil, white thyme, vitamin E, pomegranate and immortelle.

There are are a large number of studies listed on the official Dental Pro 7 site which detail the antibacterial and protection qualities of these ingredients.

So, if the best natural toothpaste for gum disease is Dental Pro 7, can I replace my current toothpaste and mouthwash with Dental Pro 7?

Yes, you can. Actually you have two options. You can replace them entirely and use only Dental Pro 7, or you can gradually reduce your use of commercial pastes while using Dental Pro 7.

To try the best natural toothpaste for gum disease visit the official Dental Pro 7 site. To read my personal review first, read my Dental Pro 7 review.